Sierra Leone
  • Marampa, Sierra Leone

    At Marampa, we are currently on track to produce c. 5Mwmt in 2014. We started production at the mine in December 2011 and achieved our target production of over 1.6Mwmt of high quality iron ore in 2012. In 2013, we doubled production and export volumes, and expanded the capacity to 5.4Mwmt/a. In September 2013, we completed work on a feasibility study for the life of mine operation at Marampa, which showed that the project could be further expanded to 6.5Mwmt/a and mine life extended to over 40 years for a capital cost of around USD 300 million. 


    • Probable JORC reserve reported of 532Mt at 31% Fe, sufficient for >40 year mine life
    • Production of high grade sinter concentrate commenced at the mine in December 2011
    • Over 3.4Mwmt of iron ore produced in 2013
    • Plant capacity expanded to 5.4Mwmt/a in 2013
    • Life of Mine study completed for expansion to 6.5Mwmt/a
    • 1 billion tonne resource could support an expansion to 20Mwmt/a


    • Location:
      Sierra Leone
    • Ownership:
    • Product:
      Iron ore – sinter concentrate
    • Indicated resources:
      864Mt at 32% Fe (includes probable reserve)

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    We started production at our Marampa mine in December 2011. Marampa was formerly operated by the Sierra Leone Development Company and William Baird between 1933 and 1975. It reached a peak production of 2.5Mtpa in the 1960s before low iron ore prices forced its closure. Continuing weak market economics, outdated processing technology and civil war prevented redevelopment of the mine for over 30 years, until we acquired the mining licence in 2006.

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